Simple. Powerful. Memorable.
All the features you need to maximize your list build

The PERFECT Compliment to Your Summit Collaborators
  • Welcome! Create connection when welcoming a speaker or collaborator aboard and watch your list build numbers increase.
  • Compliment: Relationships continue with a thank you; compliment your collaborators (speakers, va's, and more) at the conclusion of your summit to build a stronger positive brand presence- and rock star status.
  • Done For You: We create the PERFECT packaging, and help you with your ideal message... leave the rest to us.
(now booking October 2018 - March 2019 Summits)
(soar with other 6-7 figure business coaches building their online community)
Enhance the Experience and Build an Engaged Speaker Community
Simple for you. Unique for them and efficient in building a loyal tribe member who stays true to their commitments.
    The tried and true method to
    turning a collaborator into a
    long term and loyal advocate.
    A small token of appreciation can
    light up ones day, make them feel
    special valued and unique.

    Delight collaboraters within the United States
    Whether you're located here in the states or abroad, you can rest assured that your summit will be a success with these state side connection builders.

    Modify your packaging to fit your summit's brand
    With your Concierge, you can co-create an experience that fits your brand & makes your speakers feel excited to work with you.

    Stay true to proper etiquette
    You are told the value of building relationships but are FREAKING OUT over having something else to get done and finding the right gift.
    Done for you
    All gifts are co-designed (with you in mind), created & shipped directly to each speaker.
    4 Decadent Cake Truffles
    Luscious home made chocolate cake, smooth buttercream frosting and German chocolate deconstructed into these bite sized pieces of perfection.

    Create excitement for  stronger commitments
    Set the tone. Our commitments closely relate to our perception of how we are being treated. Treat your speakers like the gift they are and stop the complaints of non-commitment.

    Build a beautiful gift
    We will create a beautiful, simple, and brand appropriate care package to match your summit, so the experience for your experts really connects.

    Or if your brand needs a little jazz... talk to your concierge, we can help there too.

    rock out your next summit!
    let's connect!
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