Simple yet powerful business development & retention
Train your clients how Good Companies do business -
we promise you, they won't want to go anywhere else
Industry leaders use Sweet Perfection to help enhance their brand and business through connections
Powerful Business Development & Results Driven Retention
for the Budding Entrepreneur, all in one Private Program
Simple ways to position your brand so that your ideal clients renew & refer you to their closest friends - all while controlling your growth.
Get clear on efficient implementing systems that make client retention (and referrals) natural, authentic and timely.
With integrated best practices, all parts of your development, marketing and retention are authentic and perhaps most importantly; stand with integrity.
Why choose Sweet Perfection?
  • 70% of buying experiences are based on how a client FEELS.
  • By 2020, CLIENT EXPERIENCE will take over price & product as a KEY brand differentiator.
  • 86% of clients will PAY MORE for a better client experience.
  • The average business loses 20% of their clients annually by failing to attend to customer relationships.
  • 74% of clients leave because of unsatisfactory service.
  • Invite multiple instructors to teach courses in your school
  • 92% of consumers TRUST recommendations from people they know.

    Traditional Marketing Firms may get you clients,
    The Concierge Program will make sure you market to keep them
    Raving Fans
    Enabling Budding Businesses to Uplevel
    In today's fast paced world, successful businesses and successful people understand the importance of creating, building and nurturing real relationships. Most sales people believe that increasing their sales numbers means spending their time trying to attract new business.

    But the true professionals; the 6-7 figure budding entrepreneurs, they have a completely different mindset. While your competition is looking at their customers as dollar signs and decimal points, Sweet Perfection's strategies will empower you in the most engaging way to STAND OUT from the crowd.

          Karen Trudell
            your private concierge
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